Enza’s Italian Restaurant

Enza’s Italian Restaurant is perfect for any celebration, or if you are looking to enjoy some quality Italian food! Just during my dinner I witnessed seven birthday celebrations and one engagement celebration!

The restaurant itself is a bit tucked away in a large plaza, but you should see a sign with the name in red. There were some tables outdoors, and lots of seating indoors. You can dine in or get take out.

Enzas Entrance
Enzas Entrance

They only open for dinner, with nightly live music. Right when I walked in, I was greeted by smooth jazz piano music by a very talented musician. The bar, named My Husband’s Bar, has happy hour Tues-Thurs from 4pm-7pm.

The restaurant is locally owned and operated by chefs Enza and Mike, who make delicious and authentic Italian cuisine just the way it was prepared in Enza’s native Sicily.

You can even book a cooking demo with them, if you are interested in learning more about how they prepare their food!

Their menu is extensive with lots of choices in pasta, chicken, seafood, and veal.

We started out with some bread, which was warm and soft on the inside, and coated with butter. It also came with a garlic oil dip, which made the bread even more flavorful.


Each dinner dish comes with a house salad or soup, and I chose the Minestrone soup. The soup was hearty and delicious, with lots of lentils, veggies, and pasta inside. The perfect way to warm your stomach before the main dish!

Minestrone soup
Minestrone soup

The Seafood Combo ($28) came with plenty of mussels, scallops, shrimp, and clams over linguini pasta. As for sauce, you can choose between a spicy or mild marinara or scampi sauce. Of course, being a lover of spicy food, I chose the spicy marinara.

Seafood Combo
Seafood Combo

The sauce itself was not that spicy, but it did add up over time. The quality of the seafood was extremely fresh, and it came with a lot of seafood! The clams had a tiny bit of a gritty crunch, but overall, everything was cooked very well. The pasta noodles were tender and not too soggy, while they still soaked up the sauce thoroughly. The dish also came with a banana pepper, which gave it a refreshing touch to what could be a hefty meal!

I also tried a bit of my friend’s Gnocchi ($17) with pesto sauce, and it was absolutely delicious. It definitely ranked as one of the top gnocchi dishes I have had! Very creamy and chewy. I would definitely recommend this dish!

Pesto Gnocchi
Pesto Gnocchi

I was lucky enough to be there to celebrate a friend’s brother’s engagement, and our waiter gifted the happy couple a tiramisu dish to share. Our waiter was also very friendly and professional.

Whether you are celebrating a big occasion or just looking to eat some quality Italian food, Enza’s is a great option!

Address: 10601 San Jose Blvd #109, Jacksonville, FL 32257

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