Looking to try something new?

Flavorful is serving up fresh, delicious Afro Fusion cuisine made with healthy and natural ingredients!

Awa and Aisse, the owners, were so sweet and friendly. They are both mothers and entrepreneurs originally from West Africa. Their mission is to form and strengthen bonds through offering Afro fusion cuisine and other products such as cooking classes and kitchen accessories. I like how Flavorful promotes community growth and health through sourcing their produce from local shops and focus on using natural, non-GMO ingredients.

Flavorful is primarily a catering business and does not have a brick and mortar yet, but they are offering pre-order pick up orders on most Saturdays! You can follow and DM @flavorful_llc or call them to place orders and they were quick to respond. Pick ups were at Working Food Community Center.

Prepared meal with fatayas and puff puff
Prepared meal with fatayas and puff puff

The fatayas ($12 for 5) reminded me of fried dumplings or samosas with a thick, crispy shell and filling inside consisting of ground beef, spices, and pepper. There was also a veggie version. The dipping sauce had lots of chopped onions and was salty, savory, and complimented the fatayas well. They also informed me that there is a spicy version of the sauce, which I am excited to try next time. The portion might be a bit small for the price, but considering this was a dish I could not find anywhere else, it seemed worth a try!

Filling inside fatayas
Filling inside fatayas

The puff puff ($4 for 5) were little round fried doughnut balls with a chewy inside! The powdered sugar was also served on the side, which was nice so you could control the amount of sweetness you want. These were the perfect dessert to finish the meal.

The puff puff was surprisingly quite chewy!
The puff puff was surprisingly quite chewy!

I’m excited to see how Awa and Aisse are diversifying the Gainesville food community through providing delicious Afro fusion cuisine!

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