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My view of food is all about Cs: community, culture, care.

This blog started from my hearing stories about food in and outside of the home. I grew up mostly in upstate New York (Buffalo, home of wings!) and also lived in South Korea for seven years. Eventually I found myself here in north central Florida to pursue a PhD in English. My view of food and my palate grew with trips to New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris, Rome, Dublin, and London. What stayed constant throughout my changing environments was my love for food. I grew to love the unique relationships that local businesses form with the community and I truly believe that the support of the community for local businesses is the backbone for a healthier society.

I realize that during the pandemic local businesses need us more than ever and we all, as humans, seek community relationships and interaction. Or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to vent about my passion for food. Whatever my motive may be, and as much as the pandemic will allow me, I will introduce local restaurants wherever I go, and dig a little deeper to find out the origins behind the ingredients, stories behind the food, and what impact the restaurant has on a personal and communal level. Oh, and I will shower you with food pictures.

Are you interested in conscious eating and supporting your local communities through food? Are you a food lover who enjoys learning more about food and culture? Or are you simply looking to decide what to eat next?

Wherever brings you here, I hope you leave with a little food for thought!

Feel free to follow my journey and leave any suggestions or thoughts along the way!


Community Foodwaves

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