Alpin Bistro (Gainesville, FL)

Even though I was not able to travel out of FL due to the pandemic, I’m thankful to enjoy some fantastic local foods for Thanksgiving right here in Gainesville. I had the pleasure of enjoying some outdoor time and socially distanced eating at Alpin’s back patio. A great spot for meeting friends or for a date night.

After hearing the owner Sita’s stories about the restaurant’s humble beginnings and how their delicious dishes are made from local ingredients from farms and bakeries right in Gainesville (including Vine Bakery, Siembra Farm, and Swallowtail Farm), it gave me even more of a reason to keep coming back. She noted the small but conscious choices that the restaurant makes, such as not overfilling water cups and conserving water by using left over water in glasses to water plants. (Just ask to see the lemon tree that grew from lemon seeds that were left in a water cup!) I love seeing the sense of community among Gainesville’s small businesses ❤️ Their specials change often depending on availability, but here are some treats I had recently:

Main Course

Zucchini and eggplant tart (vegetarian friendly and delicious!)

Salmon tart (lots of salmon in every bite)

Le Croque Vegetarian (French sandwich filled with arugula, topped with tomatoes and onions)

Le Croque Madame (French sandwich with cheese, ham, mornay and an egg on top)

Le Croque Vegetarian

Desserts (had to order them later to-go bc I didn’t have room in my stomach 😅)

Cranberry tart (you will like this if you like fruity tarts!)

Creme brulee (that satisfying crack when you break the top)

Chocolate mousse (so good. So smooth)

Hazelnut crepe (best crepe I have had in Gainesville for sure. Best if you like nutty flavors)

Creme brulee
Hazelnut crepe


Kir Royal: a French Cocktail with creme de cassis toped with champaign- definitely a drink for celebration or if you are just wanting to feel fancy.

Chocolate stout beer: organic and delightful if you like chocolatey, dark beers.

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