Superette (Gainesville, FL)

What a week! Drinks were definitely needed after insurrectionists threatened civil war and wrecked havoc on democracy. Good thing Superette came through with quality, environmentally conscious, natural wine to keep us going.

Opening in just a few weeks in the building that used to be Civilization restaurant, you can already feel Superette’s lively spirit in their sign and multi-colored mural depicting flowered trees and leaves. They are currently building an expansive space for sitting outdoors-great for social distancing. I got a sneak peak of the inside, which was fully stocked, chic, and absolutely beautiful.

Front Sign
Mural and outdoor space being constructed to perfection!

I love how conscious Superette is about the larger impact of the wine industry on the environment. They offer an extensive array of carefully selected wines, specifically focusing on low environmental impact wine production. They bring in natural wines that are made without pesticides and other additives. I don’t know about you, but I could do less herbicides and additives in my body!

Don’t worry if you are not a wine expert. Katherine, Superette’s wine director, will give you amazing recommendations for wine to fit any occasion. She has a wealth of experience having worked as a Sommelier in Manhattan and Wine educator at Santa Fe College. Katherine and Maya, managing partner and former owner of The Jones restaurant, will also operate a delicatessen and gift shop stocked with local treats. Superette is also planning to offer wine tasting and classes for those who are looking to learn more about wine.

Until their official opening, they are currently offering online ordering and pickups by appointment. I ordered ahead and picked up a bottle of Ferdinand Poco Tinto 2019 ($23), an organic wine made of hand picked Graciano, because I was captivated by the bright red color and how it was early harvested. After just the first sip, I completely got why the wine was best described as “chuggable.” It is such a light, crisp, and fresh red wine that drinks like a white wine. This would pair well with any food, and was delicious especially chilled. Highly recommend this one.

Excited to try Poco Tinto!
Check out this beautiful color

Currently there is a pre-opening 10% discount on 6-bottle cases for the next couple of weeks, so even more of a reason to check them out!

I am so excited for Superette’s grand opening in just a few weeks! Follow @superette.gnv for updates.

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