Latin Food Blessings (Gainesville, FL)

Latin Food Blessings is a fresh new local spot that opened up just a few weeks ago and offers great options for Peruvian and Mexican food!

The restaurant is located in a plaza near the Oaks Mall, and had balloons set up from its grand opening. We placed an order around 8pm and they had it ready for us in about 20 mins.


They have a few tables outside for dining, as well as a number of tables inside. They had a hand sanitizer dispenser right by the register, which was very convenient. The worker was very friendly, and asked how we had heard of them. He informed us that the business had been doing quite well that day, which was good to hear since they had just opened recently. When I asked where the ingredients were from, he said they got them imported from Peru into Miami. I also saw that they had recently hired a chef from Peru to provide authentic cuisine.


For the appetizer, I tried Yucca a la Huancaina, ($6.95) a Peruvian dish consisting of fried yucca sticks in a yellow creamy sauce. This dish definitely would have been better enjoyed in-house, as the fried yucca did get a bit cold by the time we came home. However, it still had a good thick batter and went well with the creamy cheese sauce.

Yucca a la huancaina

Main dishes:

The Tallarin Verde with grilled chicken ($14), is a pasta dish in a creamy spinach basil sauce. The pasta was cooked well and while it was a bit bland, it did go well with the chicken that was on the side. The chicken was definitely flavorful with the seasoning, peppers, and onions on the side. This dish was also a plenty of food for the price.

Tallarin Verde

The Lomo Saltado, ($12.95), was a very filling dish with seasoned beef, which was a bit tough in terms of texture, but went well with the red onion, and tomatoes. The yellow rice on the side was very nicely seasoned. The fries did get a bit soggy from the sauce, but it is still good if you like your fries. 

Lomo Saltado

In terms of Mexican food, the Vegetarian Burrito ($8) was very good, especially with the green sauce they gave on the side. The sauce is slightly spicy but not overly strong, so you could adjust the spice level based on your preference.

Vegetarian Burrito

Overall, I enjoyed variety of food options offered, and it’s great to have another local option for Peruvian and Mexican food in Gainesville!

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