Karma Cream (Gainesville, FL)

Karma Cream is an amazing neighborhood café offering vegan sandwiches, organic and vegan ice cream, and organic coffee.

They are located on University Ave, and have lots of little tables set up in front and on the side of the store for outdoor dining. You can also order ahead for pick up.

Karma Cream exterior
Lots of goods available!
Baristas masked and working hard!

I liked the lights and set up in the hallway next to the shop. Just be aware that you may be approached by people in need of money if you are sitting outside. On this particular day, an un-masked man approached us and harassed my friend (repeatedly) to marry him after asking for money.

Outdoor hallway space

 On this occasion, I tried the iced cold brew coffee (medium, $3.95), which is fair trade, and supplied by Sweetwater Organic Coffee. I added almond milk and almond rose syrup ($0.75) for extra flavor. It was medium dark roast, slightly sweet, and wonderful. I love how they use coffee ice cubes for the iced coffee so your drink does not get watered down!

Iced Cold Brew (with oat milk on the right; with almond milk and rose syrup on the left)
Coffee ice cubes don’t water down the coffee

Try their vegan breakfast sandwich($6.25) if you are there in the morning before 1pm. You can choose between an English muffin and a housemade biscuit (highly recommend the biscuit), and it is stuffed with tempeh “bacon,” which was flavorful, tomato, avocado, “cheddar,” and spicy mayo. It was not overly heavy and had the perfect level of creaminess and spice.

Breakfast sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich cross section

I also tried the special of the day, which was the house-made cheddar bagel sandwich with jalapeño cream cheese and tempeh “bacon.” The bagel had a nice crisp outer covering, and I liked the chunks of jalapeño as they added texture and flavor to balance the creaminess of the cream cheese. It was not overly spicy, so you could still enjoy it if you are not good with spicy food. The tempeh “bacon” was a nice touch for added umami goodness.

Tempeh bacon cheddar jalapeno bagel

I’ve tried their ice cream and love the vegan ice cream flavors. Some of my favorite flavors are the ginger cookie caramel, cookies and cream, and coffee. They used to have a green tea flavor as well, which was so good, but they got rid of it a while ago sadly.

I liked how they feature local artists, such as Tyler Botts’s ceramic pieces and other drawings on the wall. Karma Cream is definitely a solid place for coffee, vegan food, and ice cream near campus!

Ceramics and paintings
Artist Tyler Botts

Be sure to follow @karma_cream for specials!

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