DJ’s Cast Iron Burger (Gainesville, FL)

DJ’s is a popup burger place, usually found right in front of Serpentine Plants. They don’t have a sign or a truck so just look out for the tented area with grilling action!

DJ's Tent

I enjoyed their outdoor picnic style aesthetic with checkered print table clothes on their tables for outdoor dining. Also, check out the beautiful murals painted on the walls of the parking lot!

Outdoor Seating
Outdoor Seating

They recommend getting their burger with double patties since their patties are “smashed,” so they are dense and on the thinner side.

I tried the double burger ($6.50) all the way (with bacon and cheese + $2) and it was packed with fresh beef, bacon, white cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and DJs sauce, which is a creamy sauce kinda like In-n-Out’s animal style sauce. The sauce was not heavy, which I liked.

Double Burger
Double Burger
Inner of the burger

One thing that sets DJs apart is definitely how they grill the top and bottom of their buns on their cast iron. It allows for a slightly charred, grilled taste to compliment the grilled patty and fresh ingredients. You will have to wait a bit for your order, but that’s because they start grilling once you place the order for maximum freshness.

For fries I went with the vegan dirty fries, which is their thick cut fries with chili, cheese, and scallions. This was delicious and the chili was warm, flavorful, and tasty.

Vegan dirty fries
Vegan dirty fries

Their beverages are sold in the classic glass bottles so of course I had to go for Topo Chico ($2.50) for a refreshing drink for the meal.

Full meal with burger and drink
Full Meal

Everything on their menu is available vegan for a $2 upcharge, so there are options for everyone.

Follow @djscastironburgers for their next popup!

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