Dick Mondell’s (Gainesville, FL)

Why not start your weekend off right with a bag of Dick?

You might just get lucky for their #freeticketfriday. Every Friday, ticket #177 gets a free meal!

Dick Mondell's Burger and Fries
Dick Mondell’s Burger and Fries

Any day or night though, a burger from Dick’s is a solid choice. You can get the classic Big Dick ($8), which comes with two beef patties, lettuce, pickle, onion, and Dick’s sauce, which is a creamy sauce. If that seems too heavy for you, there’s always the Dick Junior ($6), which has one less patty. I usually get my burger with pepper jack cheese and pickled jalapeños for an extra kick. The best thing about burgers is that it is not overly heavy or greasy, even with the Dick’s sauce.

Big Dick Burger
Big Dick Burger
Dick Junior Burger
Dick Junior Burger

They also have options for veggie and vegan burgers, salad, and also the herbed chicken burger.

Of course you need fries for your burger as well, and these fries are on the skinnier side with just a hint of potato skin on the edges for added texture. They were salted just right.


Their milk shakes are also a must-try, as they make the ice cream at the restaurant from fresh milk supplied by Wainwright Dairy farm.

I also got to try their cookies ($1.50) and they are amazing. You can get the best of both worlds with their cookie ice cream sandwich! ($4)

Dick’s has a drive thru or walk up window for easy access. No indoor options here, as they are a drive thru burger joint.

Drive Thru
Drive Thru

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