Tea Moment (Gainesville, FL)


Was feeling some warm boba on this chilly night…so I treated myself to some at Tea Moment!

I’m so glad I finally got to try it! This small boba shop is hidden in the plaza right across from campus, where The Spot is located. Their menu is extensive, with interesting drinks like blue sky milk tea, oreo milk tea, and slushies. They also have a variety of rice rolls for under $5.

Variety of options!
Variety of options!

I always like to try the classic items when I try a new place so I went for the milk bubble milk tea ($4.25 for the hot option), and I was impressed! It came with bubbles and I liked the consistency of their bubbles- chewy and slightly firm; the bubbles in warm drinks can get slightly too soft but these held their firmness. I got 50% sugar, which was just the right amount of sweetness for me.


For the cold drinks, they seem to put less ice in so that there is more drink to be enjoyed.

Parking is definitely difficult if you do not have a neighborhood decal, so weekends or weeknights would probably be the best time to go if you are driving there. Also, they do not have outdoor seating but have some tables in the indoor area.

If you are on campus, this place would be perfect for a study break!

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