AAPI Community Support Resources

As you may have heard by now, 3 Asian businesses were targeted and attacked in Atlanta on Tuesday, leading to the loss of eight women’s lives, out of whom six were Asian. These women were simply working their hardest, putting in their blood, sweat, and tears to make ends meet and provide for their families. It shakes me to the core that all of their lives were put to an end due to fetishizing and objectification of a racist and misogynistic gunman.

Sadly, this attack was simply one of countless, estimated 3800 attacks on AAPI communities across America, out of which there were two times as many reports made by women than men (https://tinyurl.com/45f8xhay).

My heart goes out to the AAPI community and AAPI businesses that continue to serve the community with their heart and soul. Here are some things you can do to support! I know there are plenty more businesses and organizations I missed, so please feel free to comment with more!

Support Local AAPI Businesses:

Teastori @teastori(Gainesville)

Momoyaki @momoyaki (Gainesville)

Beque Holic @bqholic (Gainesville)

Prum’s Kitchen @prumskitchen (Gainesville)

Swamp Boil @swampboil (Gainesville)

Eim Thai (Gainesville)

Lulu’s Small Batch Gelato Truck @lulusgelato (Gainesville)

Mr. Han’s Restaurant (Gainesville)

Chopstix @chopstixcafe (Gainesville)

A’xin Mahzu Sushi @mahzusushi_gnv (Gainesville)

Dragonfly Sushi @dragonfly_gainesville (Gainesville)

If It Is Kitchen @ifitisgainesville (Gainesville)

Red Rice Kitchen @redricekitchen (Gainesville)

Garlic & Ginger @gvgarlicnginger (Gainesville)

Vietnamese Grille (Gainesville)

Yummy House and Sweetbuns Bakery (Across FL)

Tea Moment @teamomentdrinks (Gainesville)

Gainesville Flower @gainesvilleflower (Gainesville)

Byppo Technologies @byppotechnologies (Gainesville)

Co3 Vietaco (Jacksonville)

Follow and Donate to:

Asian American Advancing Justice Atlanta (@AAAJ_Atlanta)

Red Canary Song (@RedCanarySong)

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (@NAPAWF)

Asian Law Caucus (advancingjustice-alc.org)

Stop AAPI Hate (Stopaapihate.org)

Asians for Black Lives Matter (@asiansforblacklivesmatter)

Organizing Asian Communities (CAAAV.org)


Minor Feelings

We are not Free

The Farm

The Joy Luck Club

The Woman Warrior

China Men


Dear Girls

No-No Boy

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