Pokébowl Station (Gainesville, FL)

Build your own pokebowl!

Pokébowl Station has some amazing options for Pokébowls and desserts! Located right across the street from Library West at UF, Pokébowl is accessible for a quick bite or a boba run when you are near campus. They do not have a parking lot so you will have to find off-street parking. If you will be driving, I recommend going on weekdays after 4pm or on weekends when you can park on the street for free.

They offer delivery through Grubhub or 352 delivery.

If you order online on their website (www.pokebowlstation.com) you can get 15% off!

They also have lots of indoor and outdoor seating available.

I usually go for their boba since I really like the texture of their bubbles (very chewy!), but they also have amazing desserts like shaved ice and egg waffles.

But today’s post is all about them bowls!

If you are looking for a meal, they have many signature Pokébowls you can choose from, or you can always build your own bowl.

If you like spicy, The Rain of Fire bowl ($12.95) is a great choice that is packed with flavor with spicy salmon, spicy tuna, sriracha aioli, picked jalapeño, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, sesame oil, avocado, onion crisps, wasabi peas, and chili pepper for an extra kick.

The Rain of Fire Bowl
The Rain of Fire Bowl

They also have vegan options like the Vegan of the Sea bowl ($11.95) which comes with vegetarian chicken, tofu, edamame, cucumber, sweet corn, shiitake mushroom, sesame shoyu, red cabbage, green onion, avocado, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds.

Vegan of  the Sea Bowl
Vegan of the Sea Bowl

If you know what you want and like customization, the build your own bowl option is amazing! I built my own bowl and after picking how many protein choices (I got spicy tuna, salmon, and spicy salmon for $12.95) was able to choose unlimited choices of toppings, such as kale, cilantro, seaweed, crab meat, pickled jalapeño, red onion, edamame, sliced radish, such as fish flakes). You do have to pay extra for avocado for build your own bowls. For sauce, I chose the spicy ginger sauce and it was very flavorful. I got pickled ginger on the side because it pairs so well with raw fish.

Options for building your own bowl
Options for building your own bowl
All them veggies!
All them veggies!
Building the bowl!
Building the bowl!
Look how my bowl turned out!
Look how my bowl turned out!

These bowls are super filling and healthy with all of the fresh veggie and protein options!

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