All About Migas Tacos!

Let’s taco-bout Migas Tacos!

Ever since I recently tried my first Migas taco, a breakfast taco stuffed with eggs and other veggies, I have been hooked!  

1) First stop is Veracruz All Natural.

This restaurant is connected to The LINE hotel and overlooks the Colorado River. You will typically find a line of people waiting to get their tacos.

Their menu was very colorful and it was convenient to see a visual of what ingredients would be in each taco.

Menu mural
Menu mural

After you order, you get a buzzer, which lets you know when to pick up your food.

They have extensive indoor and outdoor seating.

Indoor seating
Indoor seating
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating
Their bathroom aesthetic was very cool
Their bathroom aesthetic was very cool!

They are known for their Migas tacos, but since I like peppers, I decided to try the Migas Poblanas Taco . For $4.50 , you can get a hefty taco filled with egg, poblano pepper, crushed tortilla chips, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, cheese, and avocado. What made this taco extra tasty was definitely the sauce they give you. The taco comes with a creamy green sauce and a spicy red sauce. The spicy sauce definitely has a kick but it elevated the taco to a whole new level!

Migas Poblanas Taco and sauces
Migas Poblanas Taco and sauces
Inside of the taco
Inside of the taco

I love that the building also has an iconic mural celebrating feminism!

Feminism mural
Feminism mural

I definitely needed to walk off the meal, so I got a nice view of the river at the bridge right across from the restaurant.

Colorado River
Colorado River

Address: 111 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

2) Torchy’s also has Migas Tacos!

Their Migas tacos are $3.35 and stuffed with cage free eggs, tortilla strips, green chilies, avocado, pico de gallo, cheese, and tomatillo sauce.

Migas Tacos (South Congress location)
Migas Taco (South Congress location)

Comparing the Torchy’s on South Congress to the location downtown, the egg inside was more scrambled at the South Congress location, while the downtown location made the egg more like an omelet. While the taco tastes fresh and is definitely worth the price, I wish the sauce they gave was a bit more spicy. However, their cheese and veggies did have a fresh taste to them, compared to the grilled veggies on the Migas taco at Veracruz.

Migas Taco (Downtown location)
Migas Taco (Downtown location)
Definitely seems like an omelet taco!
Definitely seems like an omelet taco!

Both Torchy’s locations had extensive seating indoors and outdoors, but there is definitely more outdoor seating at the South Congress location.

Torchy's (Downtown location)
Torchy’s (Downtown location)
Indoor bar at Torchy's (Downtown location)
Indoor bar at Torchy’s (Downtown location)
Torchy's (Downtown location) Indoor seating
Torchy’s (Downtown location) Indoor seating
Torchy's (Downtown location) outdoor seating
Torchy’s (Downtown location) outdoor seating
Torchy's (South Congress location) Indoor seating
Torchy’s (South Congress location) Indoor seating
Torchy's (South Congress location) outdoor seating
Torchy’s (South Congress location) outdoor seating

Torchy’s started in Austin as a small food trailer in 2006, but they have expanded rapidly since, opening locations nationwide. The workers were very friendly, and even delivered the food to your table!

Address (South Congress Location) : 1822 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Address (downtown location): 110 San Antonio St Unit #120, Austin, TX 78701

While I liked the Veracruz Migas tacos best, you cannot go wrong with any of these locations to fill that taco craving!

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