Curia on the Drag (Gainesville, FL)

I was lucky to enjoy the last 3(!!) days of 2020 in this beautiful weather at Curia on the Drag!

 Curia has an extensive property with a food truck with anything from impossible burgers to tacos, but this post is dedicated to their vegan bakery and coffee shop! They have extensive choices for drinks ranging from coffee, tea, beer, and wine to fit to fit any occasion. I love how they use beans from local coffee companies: Dignity Roasters and Sweetwater Organic Coffee. Their loose leaf organic tea is from Rishi Tea and Botanicals. I’ve tried their green and white teas, which were flavorful and good hot or cold.

Assortment of Breads baked in house!

. For the holiday season, I went for their iced gingerbread latte with almond milk, which had a nice dash of cinnamon and spice in it!

Be sure to try their assortment of breads and pastries baked each day. Their cheddar and bacon bagel bomb was super tasty toasted and filled with cheddar and bits of bacon.

Gingerbread Latte and Bacon Cheddar Bagel Bomb
Cross Section of Cheddar Bacon Bagel Bomb

The apple bread was also delicious! Very sweet with chunks of apple, swirls of cinnamon and sugar. I’ve included cross section close ups of both pastries so you can see the filling!

Apple Bread
Cross Section of Apple Bread

They have some outdoor booths right outside the café and extensive seating outdoors in the lawn/garden next to Auk Market! The outdoors area is amazing for socially distanced meeting and playing for your little ones! Be on the lookout on their social media @curiaonthedrag for their specialty cakes and pastries made in house! I know I’ll be back

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