Wyatt’s Coffee (Gainesville, FL)

Is anyone else exhausted and relieved to end 2020? A cup of tea or coffee is just what we need when reflecting on what a hectic year this was and meditating/manifesting all our future goals for 2021!

Located in downtown Gainesville, Wyatt’s opened in 2018 and I can see why it quickly became a favorite coffee shop for locals. They have everything from espressos, lattes, and pour overs made with beans from Mexico, Ethiopia, and other regions. I absolutely love how they carry coffee bags from Gainesville’s Resident Coffee Roasters so you can brew it at home as well! They also have tea and hot chocolate, as well as delicious baked goods!

I’ve tried the vanilla latte, which was deliciously sweet and creamy, as well as the matcha latte, which had a nice strong, slightly bitter, flavor. Their latte art is also beautiful! They offer limited seating with distanced tables, as well as takeout and contactless pickup. Wyatt’s is open until 5pm so be sure to grab your cup this year!

Matcha Latte
Vanilla Latte and Matcha Latte

Wishing everyone cozy and calm vibes for the new year!!

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