Indian Street Food (Gainesville, FL)

Cold weather in Gainesville means it’s time to light a fire in your belly! These dishes from Indian Street Food will definitely make you feel warm, if not straight up sweaty. They are now offering mostly vegetarian and some non-vegetarian options. They have limited dining in and no outdoor seating, but you can always get takeout. Some of my favorites from here are:

1. Chicken Biryani (~$15): A mixed rice dish with Indian spices, chicken buried inside the rice, lemon, and an egg on top. This is the best biryani I have had in Gainesville! This dish also comes with a variety of sauces- the white sauce is good if you like it creamy!

Chicken Biryani

2. Pav Bhaji Dosa ($10.99): Thin, crispy rice crepe filled with pavbaji (a veggie curry), potato masala, onion, tomato, and Indian cottage cheese- savory, flavorful, and filled with spices. It also comes with a variety of 4 chutney (my personal favorite is the green!)

Pav Bhaji Dosa
Sauces and chutney

I really like how Indian Street Food offers a mix of different cultural cuisines in addition to South Indian food with their Indo-Chinese food such as:

1. Vegetable Sichuan noodles ($12.99) –Sichuan is a southwestern Chinese province that is known for their bold and spicy noodles. This dish will make you sweat! Consider yourself warned. Indian Street Food’s adaptation of the Chinese dish consists of wheat noodles mixed with bell pepper, onions, cabbage, and carrots in a spicy sauce. It also has small chilies mixed in- do not eat these unless you are VERY tolerant to spice! I tried one and let me just say was not a pleasant experience, even though I love spicy food!

2. Gobi Manchurian ($11.99)- This is a Indo-Chinese fusion dish made up of a fried crispy cauliflower in a Manchurian sauce. It’s made of a soy sauce and vinegar base so it’s salty, sweet, and tangy. I recommend this dish if you are not good with spicy food.

I also like how the portions are very big for each dish. You can easily share one dish with another person, or have leftovers. Score for the college student or graduate student budget!

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