Muñecas Downtown Taco Garden (Gainesville, FL)

Tonight’s post is dedicated to Muñecas Downtown Taco Garden! Their Kimchi Tempeh taco (a special menu) was one of the boldest flavor combinations I’ve had and I was impressed! It is representative of the kind of creative, fusion dishes they have-inspired by South Florida and Asia!

The Kimchi Tempeh Taco Meal ($8.50) came with a choice of side or fried plantains, of which I chose plantains. The kimchi was spicy and flavorful (and I do have high kimchi standards as a Korean), and the tempeh also added a kick with what tasted like a soy sauce base. They added red cabbage, cilantro, and a creamy sauce on the top-such an aesthetically pleasing dish! The combination of kimchi and tempeh was on the saltier side so I wish I had ordered a side of rice instead of the plantains, but plantains were still sweet and good so overall it was not bad at all. I really enjoyed the flavor combinations of the dish and hope they feature it again in the future!

Kimchi Tempeh Taco Meal

Their rice bowls ($9.50~12.50) are also good and from a base of rice, black beans, and plantains you can choose a protein, 4 toppings and sauces (Chimichurri, Sriracha Aioli, Jalapno-Cilantro, Yum Yum).

Rice bowl with tempeh

If you like spicy foods, I would also recommend their yellow Indonesian curry (picture 4). I got the beef for $11.75 with a spice level of 4. Their food is on the spicy side so beware! I was pleasantly surprised by how good this curry was. It was creamy, and had just the right level of spice for me. Perfect for these cooler days! It had a good amount of meat on it and even a tiny little portion of lettuce and tomatoes on the side, which was interesting.

Located in Bo Diddly Plaza downtown, Muñecas has a lot of outdoor seating, which is perfect for socially distanced and safer dining. I personally like the atmosphere it has at night. Perfect place for a casual date or a chill night out with friends. They have plenty of drinks, including beer, kombucha, limonada and wine!

I absolutely love how their food is locally sourced, with their tempeh made by Tempeh Kitchen Arto Moro, using a traditional Indonesian slow fermentation process. They get their fish, meat, and veggies from local docks and farmers markets, as well as their drinks from local brewers as well.

Don’t miss out on Muñecas- they definitely have something for everyone! Seriously- they even have a puppy bowl consisting of chicken and veggies – how cute is that?

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