Tom Cat Cafe (Gainesville, FL)

Since we all need to stay extra healthy during this pandemic, Tom Kat Cafe is a great place to get in those greens and vitamins! Tom Kat is a vegetarian café and bar located downtown. They now have a regular menu with everything from small appetizers chips and soups to tacos, burgers, kesl, and sandwiches! Their beer and drink menu is also extensive and even though it was not on their menu, they also offered Hot Toddy and hot teas! (Definitely a must for those colder nights!)

I loved the interior as they had such a unique space with a bar, extensive seating, and neon signs. I chose to eat outdoors, which they have a lot of seating for, and enjoyed the lights and bright tables in their secluded, fenced patio area.

I was intrigued by “The Dog Pound,” ($8) their grilled carrot dog on a whole wheat bun. I chose the option with Chili cheese on this colder night. Yes. It is literally grilled carrots sliced long, topped with chili and cheese. It was really good with the chili, as it gave it more flavor, and slightly sweeter than I imagined. It came with a pickle on the side. Definitely a healthier option for those looking for less sodium. You would not like it, however, if you are not into grilled/steamed carrot, because that is what the texture is like.

Grilled Carrot Dog

The Spicy Soyrizo Tacos, ($11) which are tacos, which came with 4 vegan chorizo tacos loaded with salsa, onion, avocados, and sprouts, topped with lima cream and yum yum sauce. I would highly recommend this! It was messy, but so worth it. The tacos were flavorful and though it did get soggy on the bottom, I thoroughly enjoyed the spicy and tangy flavors in these tacos. It’s also a large portion for the price!

Spicy Soyrizo Tacos

Finally- the Kesl fries, which were grilled potatoes and onions- I also picked the chili supreme (picture 3, $9) for this, which came with chili, cheddar, red onion, and pickled jalapenos. The potatoes were a nice mixture of crispy and soft, with the jalapenos (always love it spicy!) and onions giving a good flavor overall. The portion is also large so it is good to share with a friend!

Kesl Fries

I was super happy to hear that Tom Kat gets their ingredients from local vendors, so they offer specials based on what veggies are in season. Overall, Tom Kat is an amazing place, whether you are vegetarian or just looking for healthy eats!

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