Prum’s Kitchen (Gainesville, FL)

Prum’s kitchen definitely adds unique flavor to the local restaurant scene in Gainesville. Located in downtown Gainesville, Prum’s kitchen is dedicated to Cambodian fusion cuisine. I found the owner Bo Prum’s story of living through and escaping Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime to be captivating. I also wanted to try home style Cambodian cuisine.

The restaurant has a few tables inside, as well as a Christmas tree to fit the season, and also offers some outdoor seating. I chose to sit outside as it allows for safer social distancing.

I tried the Mi Ka Tang (stir fried flat noodles) with beef. The rice noodles, which are on the wider sides, were drenched in a delicious sauce, both sweet and savory. The beef was super tender, as well as the veggies ( Yu Choy stalks) inside, and the egg added had soaked up the flavor of the sauce nicely.

Mi Ka Tang

The vegetarian Ba-Bong, vermicelli noodles with veggies (lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts, cilantro), egg roll, fried tofu, and topped with roasted peanuts, were also very good and comes with a side of house dressing that is vinegar-based.

Vegetarian Ba-Bong

They also give you a spice rack with a house made spicy pepper sauce, hoisin sauce, and another spicy sauce. If you like your food spicy like I do, I highly recommend their house made pepper paste! It gives a slow burn and it is so addicting! They also sell little bottles of this sauce for $10!

Homemade Pepper Sauce is a must!

On a cold night, there’s nothing like Phnom Penh noodles to warm you right up! The broth is savory and has a slightly sweet aftertaste. The noodles are thin, rice noodles, which soak up the broth wonderfully. The noodles are topped with thin slices of beef, shrimp, scallions and cilantro. There is also a plate of lemon and bean sprouts you can use to flavor the broth.  

Phenom Penh Noodles

As for drinks, I tried their boba thai tea. The boba was slightly too firm both times I’ve tried this so I would recommend it without the bubbles, but the thai flavor was very strong, which I liked. Their tea is made freshly in house, which is a nice touch.

Thai Iced Tea with Boba

I will definitely be back to try more dishes here, and highly recommend to anyone who would like to try something new!

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