Embers Wood Grill (Gainesville, FL)


Making plans for Easter weekend?

Embers is a great choice for celebrating Easter or any special occasion! They are usually only open for dinner but for Easter they are offering their full menu starting 11am!

I finally got to try Embers, a local upscale restaurant, as it is known as quite the fancy spot in Gainesville. I was hesitant to try it for the price, but so glad I did as I can say it was definitely the best steak I’ve had in Gainesville.

Once you enter through the grand entrance decorated with a red carpet, you can get seated outdoors or indoors. They do have a beautiful seating area outdoors, but space is limited so make sure to get a reservation if you would like to sit there!

Front Entrance
Beautiful outdoor seating
Beautiful outdoor seating

Once you are seated, you are given the menu, which ranges from seafood, soups, salads, and of course, their steaks. Our waiter was really friendly and took time to explain what sets Embers apart. Embers prides itself on its 100% USDA prime beef hand cut and trimmed in house, and all beef is grilled on their Hickory, Pecan, and Cherry wood grill. You can choose your level of doneness from Pittsburgh to Well done. Each steak also comes with two sides ranging from Grits, Lobster Mashed Potatoes, Mac and Four Cheeses with Truffle oil, and many more!

Steak choices
Steak choices
Side dishes
Side dishes

You are first given some bread before the meal and there were three bread choices: three cheese, garlic, and sea salt. I chose the three cheese and garlic, and the garlic was definitely my favorite. The bread, cooked in house, has a soft inside with a slight crust. The herb butter really complimented the bread as well.


The 10 oz Filet Mignon ($44) was cooked to perfection (I chose Medium-Rare) with a beautiful seared crust and tender red center. The meat melted in my mouth and the wood grill definitely adds a smoky flavor to compliment the juicy texture. I did not even need steak sauce as my sides added plenty of savory flavor.

Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon cross section
Filet Mignon cross section

The Lobster Mashed Potatoes were filled with chunks of lobster in the soft layers of potato, while the Grilled Asparagus with Bearnaise added a nice texture to the meal.

If you want a bigger Bone-In steak, you might like the 22 oz Bone-In Cowboy Cut Ribeye ($52). The meat was a bit tougher for me compared to the Filet Mignon, but it had a very nice flavor to it and was very chewy and tender.  Pictured is the Ribeye with Lobster Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Wild Mushrooms. The mushrooms, which had Shiitake, Crimini and Portobello mushrooms, were tender and flavorful.


 The steaks were so filling that we had no room for dessert that night! But I will definitely be back to try their desserts next time…

I highly recommend Embers for their amazing food, service, and atmosphere! 

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